Identity verification
for online education

Online education enables both students and educators to enhance the learning experience, offering easier access to courses, materials, and streamlining the administrative and certification processes.

As the adoption of online education continues to grow, providers are faced with the challenge of providing a safe and secure environment that is both easily accessible and secure. A digital identity for both students and teachers is central to these needs.

In this paper, you will discover:

•     How identification verification solutions can enhance the online education experience and secure access to learning platforms, exams, and virtual shared libraries.

•     How verifications such as user authentication and keystroke recognition (behavioral biometrics) can solve of the identification challenge in distance/online education.

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The value of digital identity for institutions, educators, and students

Enhance educational services

Secure access to additional online resources that enable opportunities for learning both in and beyond the classroom.

Secure access to online platforms

A multi-layered identity verification approach helps to mitigate identity fraud, theft of confidential information, and the associated financial losses.

Protect the value of the accreditation

Identity verification reduces the number of unsanctioned learners by proving that the authenticated student is the one who is taking the exam.